Fred Rogers (wao, do I need to say more?) When I talk about him I feel a great joy. He will always be close to my heart. He was one of the best friends I had in my childhood.
Mr. Roger’s kindness really made a positive influence in me, I will always thank him. He is the Greatest.

What a gift to the world that man was.

Mister Rogers’ sincerity made a great impression on me as a child. As an adult, I value sincerity tremendously, and I think much of that started with knowing that Mister Rogers (unlike many other adults) meant everything he said to me. By sincerity, I don’t just mean that Mister Rogers was literally honest (although he was), but that I could intuitively tell his intentions were completely aligned with his words and actions. Now that I am an adult, I hope that my own sincerity will help to honor Mister Rogers’ legacy.

As an adult, with my own very circuitous path away from the neighborhood and The Neighborhood, I find it very comforting, reassuring, and loving to re-listen to Fred Rogers. His honesty and lack of guile are to this day unparalleled in children’s TV and very difficult to find in media overall. Watching the RFK assasination special short was a reminder of the genuine transformative, revelatory, and educational aspect of television. His fearlessness wasn’t violent or showy—but authentic, quiet, holy, and profound. Thank you again, Mr. Rogers.

So many good memories - the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, sweater, sneakers, traffic light, fish, trips to factories - I could go on and on. I remember his gentleness & consistency. Mr. Rogers was my friend when I didn’t have many. Lady Elaine’s Museum-Go-Round was a favorite spot, & she was one of my favorite characters. (Although I loved all of the puppets, esp. Daniel.) I really wanted to see inside the Museum-Go-Round! Too bad they never showed it, but I guess that was the point - we had to imagine what it was like inside! Thanks Mr. Rogers for being my neighbor.

Hi FRC Team

Awesome job on this web exhibit! I had been looking for adult perspectives on Mr. Rogers’ vocation. Thank you for putting this together.

Oh, how I loved to watch Mr. Rogers with my two young children, in the 1970’s and beyond. He mesmerized me with his gentleness and words of wisdom. I still often think of him whenever I put a sweater on. He was such a gentle soul, now and always close to God.

Mr. Rogers was the first person to show me that helping others could be a life’s work.  His influence, and calming presence, encouraged me to seek opportunities to volunteer, and eventually become an educator myself.  The careful and caring way in which Mr. Rogers approached the lives of children broke down the barriers of adults and children.  It reinforced that we are all people, and we are all important with wonderful gifts to share with one another. Preserving his legacy for future generations is an important endeavor because there is only one Mr. Rogers.

How wonderful to hear Mr. Rogers’ voice and views, even now when he is no longer with his, and still his comforting words remain so true today. Yet again violence has struck another community in America, in Newtown, Ct. Mr. Rogers’ wisdom still applies.

Fred Rogers’ wisdom is for the ages. His words from the 1960’s apply today in 2012. Thank you for sharing him and his wonderful team with us. (and thank you Betty A. for pointing us to this timely clip)

As a child, I never saw Fred Rogers on TV; I was a generation too old for him. I had friends who mocked him in the 1970s, but I had no idea who they were making fun of. When I first saw him on TV, in the 1980s, when I was 33, I burst into tears. He was so kind and so genuine. I’d never known adults like that. No one ever told me that I mattered or that it was OK to be just the way I was. When he died, I cried for days. I often think how important he must have been in the lives of certain lost, lonely children, who felt as if no one cared about them. But they knew Mr. Rogers did.

Here is one thing that Mr Rogers and my parents taught me.  When you give a gift you do it out of the love of your heart. When we don’t expect anything in return we receive a greater gift since it grows the goodness of our soul.  It’s the act of giving that defines the person and so even if you never receive anything back it will always be a reflection of the kindness of your spirit.  He reinforced that for me by sharing his gift with so many people that he would never meet in his lifetime.

Yo estuve allí fuí parte de esa gran familia y si volviera a nacer seguro me gustaría estar y crecer con mi Padre Wasson que fue un gran hombre.

Me encanto ver este video, ver la labor del padre Wasson gracias a él estuve el Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, logre salir adelante. Que Dios lo tenga en la Gloria.

What a moving speech and how true Fred’s words are.  It certainly made me stop and think about my life and the people in it past and present. 
I haven’t seen this program but after his speech I would like to as it was so uplifting.

(This is from my inner child) To the really nice guy in the blue sweater that has a train running through his living room, who taught me important friends kinda stuff and shared with me some of the neatest things I had ever seen, and who kept me company when I was lonely. Hey Neighbor let’s do it again sometime.

Always top shelve, the best a claming effect in stressful time for my son when he was young.

This 55 year old married guy wants to take a moment and state the obvious:

There is a safe place that all of us seek, and we hope we find safe passage with safe leaders.  I found that, like so many others, in Fred Rogers, thru his children’s television program.  As a child, and then even as an adult.

Trustworthy guidance in life, even when we don’t know how to express that as a child, is so very important.  Especially in this world where so many are abused and misused.

Thanks Mr. Rodgers, for being a great calming influence and giving my children an ever present keeper of respect. Every time I make a delivery next door to my in-laws I say ‘speedy delivery!’ Not sure they understand but I do.

When my son was 11 months old, I started watching Mr. Rogers with him, and then we kept watching the show on PBS for years. Now my son is 13 years old, he still loves the show, so he took out the DVD and watched it with me the other day. We not only love the show, but are deeply inspired by the teachings of MR. Rogers. Seeing the new cartoon Daniel’s Tiger on PBS is a big surprise, however, I am sure this show will bring much joy and good impact to the children all over North America or even the whole world, because the cartoon gives us much more understanding about true friendships and love.

When I was young, growing up in the ‘70s, I did watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  I knew that the neighborhood was a safe place to go to that wasn’t so bad.  And that people were gentle and kind.  I’ll never forget Fred’s gentle and easy manner.  The songs were very excellent, probably what inspired me to like jazz so much.  I’m 51 now and the world is a very different place today.  I saw the show “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” today.  I had tears in my eyes knowing that Fred Rogers’ legacy will never die.

Dear Mr. Rogers,
Today I’m a 40 yr old man but 35 years ago I was five, I remember back in the 70’s as I was about to start school I learned a lot before hand from your down to earth teachings and didn’t talk down to children.
A lot of those lessons that I took with me to school I still carry with me all these years, I just wanted to thank you so much Mr. Rogers for helping me cope with so much through my education.

This is a wonderful webpage. I am 51 and Mr. Rogers has again touched my life. Sincerely, Dr. John M. Barrera.

I feel the love and gentle inspired brilliance of Fred Rogers shines on as he comes through space and time into my family’s life. He has played a special role in my daughter’s and my relationship. We watch him together, and secretly, I watch him alone. Seeing him speak to children helps me be more gentle, curious and slow as a parent. We create a Make Believe story each night together and have for the past 2 1/2 years, weaving threads from Mr Roger’s imagination together with our own. Make Believe and all its wonderful characters and Mr. Rogers love are part of the fabric of our lives.

I grew up in an abusive home with an angry often physically abusive father and a mother who was emotionally absent; Mr. Rogers Neighborhood provided a reminder that there were/are safe gentle people in this world.  I am grown now; and am still moved by Mr Rogers gentle way of speaking and the ways in which he so gently touched children.  Mr Rogers never yelled, never hit, never told anyone to get out of his sight, never told anyone they were disgusting…(daily happenings in my home) Mr Rogers remained a calm reassuring presence through some of the scariest times of my life.

There was NO ONE like Fred Rogers, When I was a kid back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, He was my Favorite show, Someone you could Always Trust, Kind Advice, Lessons that stuck with you, When I went to bed at night I knew that Tomorrow would be a better day.

Even today, I am a 48 year old man, Divorced, I work 50+ hours a week, Have Diabetes and am constantly in pain…. All I have to do is think of all the good words Fred taught me as a child and all the pain goes away, Because I know there IS a better tomorrow, Fred Told me so.

God Bless you Fred, We will always love you.

On the RFK special,
I was a child when JFK was shot and my parents seem to let the news explain it. They could have helped.
Now I see more violence and even children causing it.

Children seem to be having to grow up before their time and…

I know Fred helped me and believed he helped many others.  We could use more like him, even one now..

Thank you so very much for including the interview with William Barker, and his speaking of the implicit faith of Fred Rogers woven into every line of what Fred Rogers did. I am listening to it on a Sunday morning. Every Sunday I do a little more reading of the articles I have from religious and secular periodicals that wrote of the faith of Fred Rogers, or the books by Amy Hollingsworth or Tim Madigan. Again thank you for this segment by William Barker

When I watched Mr. Rogers as an adult, I felt just as vulnerable as a small child, in the best way possible. He was talking to me, and he cared. “Is this what having a father feels like?” my mind wondered. If so, it is a beautiful feeling, and so many people are so blessed to have felt the warm comfort he has given us, no matter our age. How I wish I could hear him tell me that I’m special just by being myself. While he has left this earth, I know that his love may be found in the legacy he has left for generations. I love you, Mr. Rogers.  Friend, surrogate father, counselor, neighbor.

Mr. Rogers - he was a great guy to me

Thank you for keeping Mister Rogers’ memory alive.  This site is helpful in reminding me of his important lessons.  Best, Anne

Mr. Rogers taught me that it is ok to have “feelings”, so it was ok for a man to cry.  I cried when my father passed away, and I cried when Mr. Rogers passed away.  Mr. Rogers left a footprint of values in my upbringing that I will always cherish and hold steadfast. Thank you Mr. Rogers…for caring.

I talked with Fred Rogers over the years at the Rollins College Child Development & Student Research Center (Fred’s alma mater).  We sat and talked about caring, and how we could reach out to people at Rollins, and their children, in a workplace that was so busy.  He encouraged me to gather a group of like minded people and just start sharing…and I did.
Fred said the space between the teacher and the learner was sacred, and told stories about how God can shape our spoken messages for each listener.  He told me to try, and not grow weary.  I was changed, and comforted, by his views.

3 shows I would love to see in its entirety

1. The RFK special

2. The Walking Talking Tree special

3. The Christmas special

My name is Tammy and I have taught preschool for 20 years. I remember growing up watching Mr Rogers and how he always made me feel warm inside, calm, and special. Each day I try to utilize all that I had learned from him in my class. To me, relationships are the most vital part of my work and I strive to make each child in my class feel safe, cared about, and important. Although Mr Rogers has passed, I hope that, in my own small way, I can help carry on his legacy. He was (and still is) my inspiration and my hero. Thank you for all you do to share his life, work, and story.